SEEKING 250K investment BASICSof FILMMAKING Subscription Site

by Benjamin Easterday
(Los ANgeles, CA,USA)

BASICSof Filmmaking is essentially an online film resource site/school. For one comparatively small price, the website subscriber will receive access to hundreds of short one person vignetted videos featuring, and created by, working Film Industry professionals. BASICSof is owned by Film Industry Roundtable (FIRT); established in 2003 and recently re registered in Nevada; FIRT continues to sell hard copy summary/introduction to versions of the current product through Amazon at from $40 used to $95 new per DVD. There is something for everyone to learn here and no matter who you are or where you are in the world; knowin the BASICSof will save the producing filmmaker and his/her investors thousands and thousands of dollars on the road to the next Oscar or Emmey.

Todays version of product is in the presentation of a membership subscription site as well as providing e-commerce solutions for the First time Filmmakers with ABC training packages and FAQ video support. Combined, these tools will help in navigating the filmmaker through the maze of industry pitfalls or common mistakes. In addition to caveats and cautions, we will also feature use guides and tips to steer the subscriber in the best practiced and industry accepted directions. We strongly feel that if the user can learn just one thing they will come back again and again throughout the life of their subscription and refer the product to their friends and colleagues, as well as share their experience (and our links) on Social Media.

Our goal is by the end of their initial subscription they will have begun to understand the language of the film culture as it relates to cross department needs and the production as a team and have the growing catalog of video support here with BASICSof Filmmaking, and will keep returning and referring others. In addition to the online film resource website, there will be two other major revenue-generating components attached to the project. First, are live events, workshops and conferences ran by the FIRT team; we will have a variety of revenue models depending on the event type and style. We will see free advertising and growth from a sister program through a production and licensing deal with Discovery. FIRT will provide content footage for the first 2 episodes of the same name series “The BASICS of…” Full ownership and sales rights reverting back to FIRT after 3-6 months post-broadcast which is occurring next spring. There is a stipulation in place to revert rights sooner if broadcast dates are pushed back too far. We have complete control and ownership of this material. The TV series is not part of this investment, licensing fees will be paid to FIRT for usage in regards and BASICS of will enjoy global presence as free on board advertising. In all potential direction we are considering a second series as the exit or growth strategy.

The Investment
The realistic amount needed to begin and complete using the Proforma attached is an investment of $100,000 which will see you at around 100K a month ROI in 36 months. A full proforma comes with the BP and NO! its not fictional numbers that are blown out.

Month 36 is the equity return and we also include the 10% ROI as early as 12 months. The maximum working amount we are allowing as investor interest is $250,000. In any of the scenarios the details are the same with the application of funds required being placed in development and production of content by FIRT. Company valuation is currently set at $1.6MM, based on total past sales history of $650,000 from the source materials, DVD’s, and past online subscriptions.

Website redesign, effective and clear branding initiatives as well as advertising is the considered the first phase; this is calculated at just under $50,000. Phase 2 is Mobile App development, including shooting more practical footage for theLAB “How to” education on lighting, camera and scene quick tips and practical uses of equipment to maximize the filmmakers shoot. Concurrently FIRT is sharing some of its content for the development and delivery of a television series pilot for a well known network.

• Investment of Fifty Thousand $50,000
o Straight debt loan /investment with a 20% ROI @ 18 months or less.
o Early withdraw can be done in the first year at minus (-) 2.5% per 3 months early

• Investment of One Hundred Thousand $100,000
o ROI/EQUITY with 10% ROI @ 24 months or less. 20% Equity beginning @36 months
o Early withdraw can be done in the first year at minus (-) 2.5% per 3 months early

• Investment of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand $250,000
o Equity investment 30% ROI begins @ 36th month of Business Plan MOM
o Early inclusion can be done on or after month 24 at minus (-) 2.5% per 3 months early

Benjamin Easterday
VP Producer
Film Industry Roundtable / Greenstem enterpirses Inc

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