Seeking 100% Funding for Lake George NY Bar/restaurant/home/and Apartment

by Deborah Flansburg
(Lake Luzerne NY )

Family of 4 with a background in bar and food industry, plus entertainment experience is asking for 100% funding of purchasing a fully operating bar and Restaurant, located in a large Adirondack Tourist area. The Bar is on 1/2 acre of land with a separate house, plus an apartment.

The price is 239,900, We are also asking for an additional 20,000.00 to get up and running.

Our family also has an entire internet Radio, HDTV, news network to help promote our business. Scott Price has been a multi musician in the area for over 18 years and is well known which would also help in making the business a huge success.

The Hitching Post is an historic building in Lake Luzerne only a few miles from Lake George NY. It is less then a 1/2 mile from The Painted Pony which is the Rodeo in the summer, also very close is Tubby Tubes which is very popular, they take people for rides down the river. There are many hotels and motels close. All of this would help make us a great success. We would also like to broadcast on our network all entertainment hired, and use our network to broadcast news from the area, and things to do. Using this could also add an additional income welcoming advertising slots on our TV station while streaming it live in our venue.

I would like to welcome you to watch a complete showing of The Hitching Post, which is the name of the Restaurant. Please copy and paste to view

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Working capital
by: Perry

You also may want to add something to working capital or miscellaneous expenses - there's always something unexpected that occurs.

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