Seeking 100% Funding for Acquisitions of Running Profitably Hotels in Florida

by Javad zafersiddiqi
(Los Angeles, United States)

We are a team of Business & Hotel Management Professionals based in California, USA.

The Big picture is to acquire several hotels and grow the group of hotels across USA over next 5-years. Some on west coast and some on east coast.

Our current negotiation is on 2-hotels, a Holiday Inn Express and a 4 point Sheraton and both of these are highly regarded and Great Branded Hotels. Ownership for both hotel is same so the asking price together is $11.75M and has lots of potential to be more profitable. We are seeking 100% funding with GREAT payback terms. The sales are $1.6M on each of these hotels and there is a potential of $750K in Net Profit per year in EACH of these hotels. So total EBIDA will be $1.5M/year on both of these hotels collectively which can be used for pay back the equity interests based on our mutual agreements.

This is Private Equity share proposal seeking 100% funding. We use our intellectual property, time and experience to find, negotiate, manage, control securely and protect your interest and in return we ask for 50% profit share on top of $1M in Pay back of your investment ( LOAN ). So instead of paying interest we share the profits.

We can share this profit equally or however we end up negotiating and in case you need an EXIT then you can get out in say 5-years and we will get alternate financing from some other source.Your initial principal investment will stay secured under legal Title of both properties and the Brands.So its pretty straight forward deal and you and/or your investors partners will be very happy in this deal.
There is more money than you can imagine to be made here with our researched properties.
We have the highly talented team all of whom are working day time jobs in hotels and technology companies.. We have the talent, knowledge, experience, loyalty, sincerity, honesty, commitment and desire to be successful.

We can pay minimal expenses after we get financing and we close our escrow of hotels. Our finds are based on many hours and tireless days of research and negotiations and we are committed of our success. We need at least $15M & 15-years term.

Four points Sheraton
Executive Summary

American Hospitality Universe is a team of sophisticated and well experienced leaders in the hospitality industry. Our team is comprised of 4- founders who have specialized skills in Marketing, Market analysis, Business planning, Business Growth, Auditing, Management, Operational Excellence, Information technology, and social media.

Executive Management Board
Nausheen Ahmed, Chairperson
Javad Zafersiddiqi, President & CEO ( Finance, Marketing & Management )
Mike Faruqi, Vice President ( Operations, Marketing & Management )
Gabriela Faruqi, Director Operations & Management
Pawan Deepak, Hospitality Management & Operations Advisor

We are pleased to present outstanding hospitality investment opportunities in the United States of America. Here we present $5.5 Million dollars investment opportunity. These properties have been selected from hundreds of properties which are for sale. After doing careful market analysis, performing surveys regarding location, condition of the properties, business opportunities and reviewing STAR reports, these properties have been selected.

We forecast the room sales for 2013-14 to be $1.8m. This is based upon a forecasted occupancy of 78 %, and an average daily rate $ 80.00.

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