Searching for a lucky investor

by Khongor Shatar( Kay )

Our company Adcreed is an Online Advertising Network. We provide innovative advertisement units(our main products)and effective advertising service to solve many problems we face when it comes to advertise & market our businesses.
We also have bright future in:
1. Mobile Advertising
2. In-content Advertising
3. In-game Advertising

Currently we need around $25,000.00 to launch our website/business & advertise it. We will give up to 25% of company ownership, annual & monthly income.

Currently, we developed basic versions of our products, advertising/customer service, we bought our website domain & hosting, recruited our team & some other details.

For more information about our business, business plan & contacting us face to face, please don't hesitate to contact back. We will be expecting response from you.
Thank you, Khongor Shatar(Founder,CEO)

skype: skype14

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