Scism Nursery & Primary School, Run by asirkamalam trust.

by A.Mohanaraja
(Rasingapuram, 625528 , Theni Dist, Tamil nadu, India)

A.Mohanaraja, Correspondent,
Scism nursery & primary school,
Rasingapuram, 625528.
Theni district, Tamilnadu, South India.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Our Greetings to you in the name of our mighty Load. We are requesting you to hear our voice.
You are helping to lot of people all over the world by donate fund. If you lend money by loan to us, that money help us to give proper education to our people and then the money recycle to you and go to another one part of needed people. That fund gain two goals by a single ball. Please conceder this as sympathy.
We are running a Nursery and Primary school at Rasingapuram- a remote village in Theni district, at the State of Tamilnadu, South India. This area is very backward in education and general health. 95% homes have no toilets. This people are using road side and vacant land as their toilets. Most of the elder males are alcoholic. They spend more money for alcohol than their children’s education. They believe local astrologers blindly and spend their money and time to follow his words. Giving good education only change their life style. Most of the people surrounding this villages are farmers, owning little land, small cardamom estate and landless unskilled labors. Children of this people cannot get proper education so for years.
In nineteenth and the beginning of twentieth century, European missionaries did a great revolution in Indian education. At that time Indian education system was formed for a certain community. The European missionaries had broken that education system, and started to give proper education to all community people. This revolution has made grate changes in Indian people’s life style.
Now a day the benefit of revolution is enjoyed by the people living in the cities and big towns only. The people living in remote villages are not getting proper education till now.
To provide proper education to them, we started this primary school in 2011 and at present the school has the strength of 470 little buds. Further in this area, 99% of people are computer illiterate. So we have introduced computer education right from kindergarten classes. Broad Gospel activity is not possible in this area. We are telling about Jesus and the motive of his arrival. Children memories Bible wards and sings songs about Jesus. Non Christian Teachers are participate in the prayer cell eagerly, held a day in a week.
However after their primary schooling they con not continue their higher studies because of the more fees in the near towns. Even the conveyance charges of the schools are greater than our school fees. Our people cannot face this transport charges and the highest school fees.
In a statistics our state Tamilnadu is first place in primary education in India. At the same time in high school studies our state is pushed back to seventh place. In India, 80% people are living in villages. But only 3% to 5% of the people have good knower in computer.
To solve this problem, we have planned to upgrade our school up to std. tenth. Many parents request to provide higher classes to their children. For this program we want money to full fill the government regulations, such as land, building and furniture. If we get loan from local bankers, we can able to pay only the interest of their money and we cannot pay the principal amount as the interest is very high.
Our Theni district Chief Educational officer has also sent notices to provide sufficient building facilities to our students. Otherwise the school recognition order will be withdrawn by the government. We have written a letter to our Chief Educational officer to get one year permission to fulfill the sufficient accommodation.
We hope for these good causes, well wisher of untraded people, like you can kindly lend us a loan without interest or less interest with pledge our land and buildings.

We promise you that………
1 We will spend 100% of the loan amount to upgrade our school up to std. tenth.
2 We ready to pledge our total property for the loan.
3 We will give back the money wit in 15 years.

We and the thousands of students would be great full and bear your name if you help us in this regards
If you cannot help us, please guide us, where will we get loan in this regards.

Yours faithfully,

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