SaaS BI Tool Ready For Market

by Robert Campbell, CEO

We are a Microsoft BizSpark Start-up Member with an experienced US based executive team utilizing off-shore resources that has developed, tested and refined a market ready, highly cost effective, very user friendly SaaS business application targeting SMBs.

We use predictive analytics to increase sales effectiveness with greater efficiency. We alert users and management in real-time which prospects are:
1) Going to buy next
2) Involved in stalled sales engagements
3) Involved in deteriorating sales engagements
4) No longer viable

Customers realize increased sales effectiveness with lower customer acquisition costs.

Initial verticals are Auto Industry Retail, Financial Services and Real Estate using a combination of commission based direct/indirect sales supported with lead generation from web, email and telemarketing campaigns.

We face virtually no competition in the SMB space. The only similar product available is owned by Oracle. Their product is focused on global enterprises, cost in excess of $300K, require a minimum of 25 users, does not stand alone as it is a module dependent upon the functionality within their CRM and necessitates dedicated administration to manage system complexity.

In contrast, we cost <1/10th, can operate as a stand-alone or work in conjunction with any existing CRM, can operate profitably with 1 user, and users are up and running within minutes without the need of a dedicated administrator.

We offer a 7X return and a 3 year exit in exchange for $400K used for marketing and infrastructure injected incrementally as milestones are achieved.

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