Rubber Revolution !

by Jay Griffin
(Los Angeles)

Process-Patented System (Working, Proven) has huge Alt-Energy Fund (Chicago) standing by on Term Sheet to fund 1st of 3 Full-Facilities: taking OTRs (larger, machine tires) from large Rocky Mountain-zone Mining-Cos (which they gladly pay "tipping fees" to unload), cut & shredding into 1/4" crumb rubber. THEN, the "Magic" occurs - Vortex reduces crumb rubber to Mesh Counts of 600# to 1250#. Perspective? Best anyone can do is LeHigh Technologies @ 200# Mesh Count (they're being bought out by Michelin). Have Debt-side Funds ready: SEEK JV Bridge Loan ($5MM USD) player: repaid upon Full Closing ($109MM USD in mid 2018) plus Interest PLUS 5% Ownership. If you or yours are Liquid, but need to "think about this", WE PASS. NO upfront/processing schemes, either. Bring Check Writer.

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website. Mention "Rubber Revolution".

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