Rezoomo - Bringing CVs in to The 21st Century

by Cathal Doorley
(London, United Kingdom)

The idea for Rezoomo arose from one man's job seeking experience in the busy London labour market - a story that will likely be familiar to many job seekers and career climbers worldwide. Rezoomo aims to revolutionise how job seekers create, use their CVs and connect with employers around the world.

Seeking a role as a Digital Marketing Manager in 2012, Cathal Doorley believed he had a lot offer prospective employers. He had the education, skills and experience. In spite of this, he sent out a number of CVs and received a limited response. He simply wasn’t being afforded the opportunity to demonstrate his skills.

Cathal decided that it was time to stand out from the crowd. He built an interactive CV website that he believed showcased his abilities in a fresh and engaging way, and sent the link to all the companies to which he had previously applied.

View Cathal’s sample CV at

The aim of Rezoomo is to allow job seekers with no computer coding experience to build multiple interactive online CV websites and add rich media to showcase their skills and experience that is hoped to be more engaging than traditional paper-based CVs. Gold members should soon be able to schedule and hold live video interviews directly from their Rezoomo profile.

Stage one of Rezoomo is now complete and we are receiving signups from all over the world. Members have signed up from countries including India, Australia, Malaysia and Nigeria , England, Italy, Spain, Germany and Ireland. Future plans include launching a re-seller and white label programme. In addition, we aim for the platform to allow mobile and tablet applications for users to manage their job search on the go.

During stage two Rezoomo plans to develop into a worldwide recruitment and HR suite for companies and recruitment agents. This will be branded as RezoomoHR.

Within the next two years internet usage on Mobile devices will surpass desktop & laptop usage. Rezoomo aims provide a quick easy way of enabling people to apply for jobs on the go with the click of a button.

Benefits so far

Easy to use CV website builder
Manage all job search correspondence from one platform
Get detailed reports on your CV website performance
Unique CV website URL / Link
Quick and easy to share with anyone, anywhere
A personalised interactive website
Bring all your online profiles under one website

Features so far

Build up to five interactive CV websites, tailored to specific jobs, industries and positions
Customise the look and layout of your CV website.
Add video, audio, images, portfolios, Word Docs, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, social media links and more.
Add custom pages to your website to highlight specific skills and experience.
Manage job search correspondence through your Rezoomo inbox.
Get reports on CV performance including number of visits, top referrers, most viewed pages and viewer location.
Memo - Use the memo feature to make notes on your CVs and job search activities.
Tag CVs with job titles and locations to work in.
Limit who can view your CV and its exposure online with privacy settings.


We believe the two page paper CV does not cut it in today’s digital age. Employers and recruiters are checking potential candidate’s online profiles. However, CVs could be better presented online. In the next year mobile internet usages will surpass desktop and laptop usage. Job seekers generally do not keep their CV on file on their mobile device, which may make it harder to search and apply for jobs on the go.


Job seekers with no computer coding experience can use Rezoomo to bring all of their working history, experience, rich media and relevant online profiles under one simple CV website. Each user’s CV will have its own customised URL making it possible for anyone with an internet or data connection to be able to access and view their CV. With RezoomoHR, our recruitment and HR suite, we plan to enable job seekers to apply for jobs by simply using their Rezoomo CV link. All correspondence between the candidate and employer should then be managed through the job seekers Rezoomo CV and profile.

Business Model

We plan to utilise a number of different revenue streams. At present our main revenue stream allows for one off payments for signups to the Rezoomo CV builder. Three different price plans are in place.

Planned future revenue streams consist of the following:

Re-seller programme - The re-seller programme will allow third party websites to generate leads for Rezoomo and earn commission on each successful lead
White Label programme - Our white label programme will allow selected companies to licence the Rezoomo application and implement it on their own website with their company branding throughout.
CV Clinic - This will allow users to submit their Rezoomo CVs to CV specialists for review and consultation
RezoomoHR - This will be our full recruitment and HR suite for companies and recruitment agents.

Achievements so far...

First round funding secured through the UK government backed start-up loans scheme. Start Up Direct claim that the £15,000 was only granted to around 10% of successful loan recipients at the time of which it was issued.
Endorsement from a professional CV / Careers company
Selected for the ALPHA programme at this year’s Dublin Web Summit. Rezoomo was chosen as one of 695 exhibitors from over 5000 applicants worldwide
Receiving free and paid signups from users based in multiple countries.
Funding is needed for...

Hiring key staff – Digital Marketing – Web Development – Business Development
Rent & day to day running expenses
Marketing and promotion
Research and further development

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