Renovations on Rental Property

by Eddie

I’m currently looking for investment funds to assist in renovating an 50% vacant 2-unit rental property I purchased. I have had challenges securing funding from local banks for funding.

However, I’m looking for an investor who is willing to lend the entire or at least 80% of the renovation costs. I would like this loan to be interest based, but willing to hear any offers on the table.

The apartment is a 2 story 1600 sq ft - 2 Unit, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, on each floor with a connected shed. The property sits in a quiet town of Mt Holly Springs, PA. I have estimates of $5,000 to complete the rehab of this rental property including, windows and doors, rewiring, new flooring, bathroom and kitchen.
I’m going to consider any offer I’m approached with and go over the agreement with my real estate attorney; I hope to speak with you soon about a possible business deal.

Thanks for your interest.
Eddie Gunn

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