ReelPeeps Indiegogo Campaign

by Laila Howard
(Atlanta, Ga)

ReelPeeps Logo

ReelPeeps Logo

ReelPeeps is not your average web-based graphic t-shirt business. Yes, we sell our graphic t-shirt designs and print custom t-shirts, but we have a much greater mission. By wearing one of our shirts or even better a shirt that our customers have created, we are reaching individuals all over the globe. ReelPeeps is a launching pad for a much broader cause...for love, positivity, awareness, and change.

ReelPeeps targets the trendsetters, the creative-types, the naturally inquisitive, the truth-seekers, those who stand for what they believe, and those who are working up the courage to standup for what they believe. We operate within the understanding that we all have a voice. We are all important. And better yet, we are all connected. That oneness, the coming together, supporting each others causes or truths is what will make the difference. And it starts with a shirt. A simple shirt that inspires thought, challenges conventional values, motivates others to investigate, encourages someone to be courageous and speak their truth. The potential here, is amazing!

But in order to reach the world, we will need your help. We are raising money for some much needed equipment through our Indiegogo Campaign. You can learn more about our company, our mission, the Speak Your Truth Movement, and me, the owner. Please check it out and contribute if you can! We've also got a lot of cool perks, from discounts to free tees! The link to our campaign is: You can also find us on our website (, Facebook (ReelPeeps), Instagram (reelpeeps), Youtube (ReelPeepsDesigns), and Twitter (ReelPeepsDesign).

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