Recession-proof Business with excellent ROI, seeking Start-Up Funding from Investor

by Maximus Henshaw
(London, United Kingdom)

Company business logo

Company business logo

The Following is a brief statement on our investment proposal given below here:

I as the main operator of the business and my partner have created a state of the art Consulting and Management Business concept that enable us as a young business consultants to provide businesses around the world in the industrial and retail sectors with excellent business service solution that focus on their immediate need problems in five main key areas that we possess are strongest talents and skills on, which are: (1) Sales increase, (2) Marketing strategy, (3) Outsourcing (4) Effective Project-Management, and (5) Joint-Venture Consulting.

Q: How much funding do you need and how far does the Needed Funding Get you?

A: Currently we need £155,000 to complete all outstanding aspects of the business project, to enable the company business to fully operate as expected on the business plan. The initial total amount that was requested was £225,000 and £70,000 had already been funded. The needed funding will also get us up-straight and running on the full scale of engagement with potential customers and enable the business to start generating constant revenue for the company.

Q:Are there any potential customers?

A: Yes, they are Potential Customers for our business. The few that are currently happy to use our business services once we are fully on operation are: (1) United Nation Global Business, (2) United States Federal Business Agencies, (3) London Council Boroughs, (4) Foresight Group International AG, (5) FGM electrical service s.r.l, Italy, and (6) Sears Holdings Corporation in USA.

Q: What does your team look like and What are your backgrounds?

A: We are two full time partners on the business aspect, also known as the founders. But we have plans in place to hire two additional consultants on Larger scale Projects work with our customers. My background is fully based on Business Managements, I also hold a BSC(Hon) in Oil and Gas Management from Plymouth University in England, UK with additional skills and experience in Design, Marketing, Project-Development and Sales. My partner and they other two individual expected to be part of the new team have excellent industrial experiences in Manufacturing and Management of projects and are all university degree holders.

Q: What kind of Return On Investments Do I expect, and when can I expect and when?

A: Note that this is a three years Business Project Plan. We also understands that investors like you have a goal to liquefy the investment at a substantial
profit when the company's business value has been maximized through astute management and careful supervision. Therefore we are seeking £155k investment to be used for working capital, Online and offline marketing, and new office setting in central London. Based on our projections, you as the Investor will see a ROI in year(1) 15.67% and total of 47% by year(3). Also you can start receiving your potential profits from year 1 and 2, and I am open to any further negotiation on these particular point.

How much Gross/Net profit will your Project Yield?

The Net Profits are: Year(1) £95,663, Year(2) £505,378 and Year(3) £1,370,951

How much money have invested already in your venture/Project?

We have been enable to invest about £70,000 so far on the business activities.

How much experience do you have in this field?

I have more than 10 years of experience in the Management Consulting Business and my partner have 6 years. While they other two expected to be hired have 12 and 16 years.

Do you have any competitors? What are your plans to manage them if Yes?

Yes, we do have competitors in the management consulting business, but they are not a big challenge to our business aspect, due to our Effective price cost, Approach to customers, Marketing-strategies and Quality of our work presented to our clients\customers.

I look forward to your comment and any additional question you might have for me.

For more details and any question about the business aspect, you can reach me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.
Maximus Henshaw

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