Rebuilding and Rebranding 6.5 acres Resort to be the First Islamic Resort in South East Asia, 15 KM from Kuala Lumpur city.

by Nazaruddin Othman
(Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA)

The first Modern ISLAMIC Boutique Resort in Malaysia with world class standard

The first Islamic boutique resort in Malaysia with the concept of an Islamic Garden influenced by Islamic Arts & Design. The only resort to offer all range of activities conceptualized from Al-Quran & Sunnah.

From Archery, paint balls, swimming, fishing, jungle tracking, kayaking, recite Al-Quran, flying fox, handicraft to cooking classes with recipes based on Sunnah.

Pure water flowing down from the hills to different streams across the property to the main river. Beautiful landscape with a line of beautiful flowers with different colors, refreshing air, sounds of water flowing, sounds of birds & insects chirping, and other sounds of nature creating a relaxing and peace surrounding.


Management to meet shariah compliance
Women only common area
No alcohols and non halal foods
Unisex & Women pools only
Islamic arts & design
Stage Performance & Theatre
Outdoor activities based on Sunnah
Meals preparation and serve based on Sunnah
Special in house Islamic TV Channels
Muslim employees with proper muslim attires and hospitality
Surau with activities
Music Performances
Practicing Islamic hospitality
Various Islamic Programs & Activities


Modern Islamic Village concept and ambiance, surrounding modern green landscape with Islamic arts & design
Modern concept of Surau to be built from containers
Modern Islamic accommodation, container cabin / rooms
Modern Islamic concept retail outlets & F&B, to be built from containers
Modern Business & Communications Center; business facilities, cyber center
Mini Theatre Hall
Spa treatments
Outdoor cooking classes and handicrafts
Mini paddy field with water plants
Outdoor activities; Riding bicycles, swimming, flying fox, fishing, kayaking, arching, paint balls, etc.
Archery Combat Game (similar to Paintballs)- the first resort to host this type of game
Gastronomy with Sunnah concept
Swimming (separate pool for women)
Recite Yassin & Quran Session
Islamic Arts Gallery & Workshop
Islamic Arts & Design
Jama’ah (Solat Sunat, Qiyamullail, etc)
Islamic Music & Arts Performances
Professional services; Travel & Tours, helpdesk

Investment Required: USD 5 Mil

1) Investment of Upgrading Current Facilities

2) IRAM for Musafir (Hostel) is a boutique accommodation (mid range) for tourists, business travelers and people attend events, and programs @ Riverstone Eco Resort. Each room to be built with shipping container (20’ and 40’), can accommodate 2 – 6 people per room. Each room with attached shower & toilet

3) IRAM for Musafir (Hotel) is a boutique hotel (mid to high range) for tourists, business travelers and people attend Islamic courses or programs. Each room to be built with shipping container 20’ and 40’, with attached bathroom
Modern and simple, with futuristic elements

For futher information, please email to or whatsapp +6011 3200 5200

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