Real Estate with Mall

by matthew chidi


Goals & Objectives
The Company’s goals is to provide high quality standard of living and service to our customers, at a competitive price which will encourage return and repeat business and help us achieve profitability. At the same time we will consider the effect of our facilities offerings day to day business of our customer,staff and resident, the impact that our business practices will have on the environment, and the importance of fairness, understanding, proper attitude and generosity among management, staff, customers and resident. Consideration of these factors and implementation of responsible courses of action will result in a sense of purpose and a corporate culture which goes beyond the basic financial goals of the Company.
The Company feels that the Real Estate represents a unique concept that targets a already and growing market. We expect that market to respond and anticipate significant growth over the next 5 years. Our goals are to create a reputation for quality, consistency and security (Home safety) which will make us a leader in the market.
If the Real Estate sales and profits are on target at the end of the first year of operations, the Company will look to expand to a second unit.

Past Achievements
The Company has established a qualified management team with a combined total of 8years of experience in the Real Estate industry.

The Real Estate has become one of the vast growing business,We have over 1000's of Real Estate in west africa,in Nigeria,Our company has look around this estate and see what they are lacking,we have decided to put in places facilities that our customers we love to see,such has a Mall,taxi park,incentives etc.

Exit Strategy
Ideally, the Company will expand to other cities and locations over the next 8years At that time, we will consider the possibility of selling out to a larger individuals concern, or actively seek to sell to a new owner.

The Company was incorporated on 04/04/2005 in Lagos Nigeria The head office of the Company is located at No18 independence street off o'mark bus stop,igando,lagos.
To date, the Company has not issued shares of common stock and outstanding common shares are retained by the Company for future distribution,we still have total control.

Our services has been hostel management and our facilities has always put us on edge over other compititors.

The Real Estate new site, which is comprised of 17hectre of land and is located on the island The population of the target market area is approximately 300houses, The start-up funds must be raised during the completion phase. Upon completion of the Estate, the Company will open the Real Estate and proceed with the operations phase of the project.
The Mall will be open 7days a week. Hours of operation will be from 6:30 AM to 10PM.the Mall will always be open.

The Real Estate will put in place the Mall which will be offering different activities with a distinctive image. There will be several ways to purchase these products.
Our Mall we have things like,Fast Food,Boutique,salon,Cenima etc competitively priced, with a common theme As the market changes, new product will be introduced to the mall.

If the business is meeting its projections by the end of Year 1 of operations, we will begin scouting for another location and developing plans for the next unit. Our 8-year goal is to have finest Estate in the area with a combined annual profit of $10000 per building multiply by 300 or better.
There is a market segment which prefers have it all in one place,we are looking at aside giving it a world touch,we want to put facilities,that will enhance day to day business activities in a friendly environment,the presence of the Mall will not only be giving job opportunities but also promote better standard of living.

The Real Estate business is a profitable business been that people wants to live in a comfortable and secure environment,we are looking at having every one in the Estate,even if you are not a residence you will always have business there becuase of the presence of the Mall,one thing is sure,after the completion of the project with everything in place,we are going to be drawing people from far and near.

Although the Real Estate industry is highly competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people keep finding new environment. The Company is well positioned to take advantage of the current interest in Real Esate at reasonable prices. or +2349098700694.

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