Real Estate Investment in Zimbabwe: Student Hostel

by Kanosi Chakweva
(San Jose, California, USA)

I am a US citizen living in the USA. I was born in Zimbabwe and I am thoroughly familiar with the investment and business opportunities in Zimbabwe as I have three residential houses (paid up with no debt) in Zimbabwe that I am renting out. I have invested over $200K in these houses and I am happy with the investment. I have been managing the small real estate business explained above for more than 10 years

I am now looking for $500k through Leightone Investments P/L company, a Zimbabwean registered company that is majority owned by myself, to build student hostels for University students in Zimbabwe as there is an acute shortage of accommodation and this is a very lucrative business that yields a return of no less than 40%. I do have $120K in cash for the project and the land for the project is available and secured. Roughly a revenue amount of $21k per month or $250k per year will be generated per month by this $500K.

I do have a BA degree in Accounting, an MBA, as well as being a USA licensed CPA. I know how to manage cash and business as tight as possible.

Kanosi Chakweva

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