Real estate developer seeking joint venture partners for our development projects in California

by Rod Fermin
(Chino, California, USA)

Our company Magnus Development Partners acquires, invests, develops and builds single family residences, condominiums/townhouses, multifamily dwellings for mixed-use, master-plan communities throughout the United States territories with our core markets in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Additionally, Magnus invest in existing off-market, discounted properties, employing a variety of exit strategies to maximize its rate of return like rehab & resell or acquire & hold positions. Magnus blends deep partnership relationships, world-class experience in the development & building process and capital resources to develop our project opportunities.

We are seeking equity funding from a private investor who would be injected into a underlying single-purpose LLC as a member status with our upcoming projects. We are looking for capital from $150,000 to $5,000,000 depending on the project appetite of the investor.

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