Ready for another GoPro like deal ? USD 5 to 25 m seeked, RoI only 1 year!

by Koegler Bruno
(Taiwan and Paris)

Full HD 17

Full HD 17

Ready for another GoPro like deal ? USD 5 to 25 m seeked, RoI only 1 year!

We invented and developed ready to manufacture the worldwide best mobile computing solution for enterprise and prosumer.
To serve this market in the USD 5 billion range, we need USD 5 to 25 million working capital for the final launch of the product.
Nearly no risks, cash flow positive in 6 months and payback possible in one year over net margins.
We offer high interest debt, equity or combined, as R&D assets worth USD 10 million difficult to evaluate due to lack of technical expertise in the banking world.

Project overview for pre-evaluation:
Direct link to a one page deal presentation like an executive summary:
Product overview and features:

We confirm that we are ready to relocate following funders wishes.


Bruno Koegler
Founder/Owner Koegler Electronics Co., Ltd.
Xizhe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Design, manufacturing and branding of e. g. high end Tablet and All in One LCD PC TV (15"~26")

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