re: CRE Funding

by Robert Cristino Lima
(Pacoima, Ca - U.S.)

Good day,

My name is Robert Crist Lima. I was reading your information, and what you offer to borrowers (start-up co’s, investors, etc.) I came to you with hopes that I may raise capital by means of a pre-approved CRE loan (P.O.F.), a DPA, a BLOC or as an EP.

I would like to obtain funding from you in order to commence my business; it is a registered “Early stage” start-up management entity (E.C.V.G. Dba) registered with the State of California as a CREI organization ( under parent company: ROBLIM ENTERPRISE (S-Corporation).

I have not been able to establish assets, liquid or otherwise or even show collateral (other than my FICO SCORE – 709/Experian, 742/Transunion) thereby showing the strength of my business. This is why I decided to come to you. I believe there are second chances in life, and I strongly believe this is my time and opportunity to change my life. The main purpose why my business was created in the first place is to create a portfolio (net-worth/Leverage) which would eventually, allow me to develop affordable housing for seniors and single-parent families as well as to create jobs.

I have an updated business plan (2013) that strategically places my company in the forefront thereby helping to revitalize communities through urbanization and economic development. I also have 22 years experience in property management (100 units to 242 units) which includes leasing, maintenance, and landscaping/contracting. My current FICO is 742 (as of 09/2013), and I am also in the process of obtaining my MBA (GPA 3.18) in Project Management and Marketing at the end of this year.

I have a dream and a passion. And I have not given up on hoping that you or someone you may know could possibly help me with the commencement of my business venture.
Very few lenders will consider helping the cause and certainly, create a win-win situation, but most won’t without the borrower putting any skin in the game.

Life is a risk. Warren Buffett, Dave Lindahl, Mark Cuban and Robert Kiyosaki just to name a few took risks, but started with nothing, but they all one thing in common - they had a passion, creativity and a desire to make a difference in their personal lives and their families’ lives….of course, it helped them also because they were in the right place at the right time so they reaped the benefits to say the least. As for Donald Trump, well, he was lucky as he inherited his fortune, filed BK and learned from his examples…..his philosophy though in real estate investing is to “Think Big.”

I believe in second chances and I am sure most people (99.99%) will agree that we take risks all of the time in our personal lives. In fact, we even take risks just to stay alive…think about it (if no one took chances, this economy would literally be in the slumps).

It makes perfect sense that in order for the current economic climate to show positive results, even if in small increments, it is about considering and developing solid win-win situations (the investor/borrower, the lender as well as the people in the community) - all parties should be under the understanding that it is always about creating sustainability within the community, helping the economy and its investors as well as creating an urban sustainable platform - this is what the economy (from a macro and micro perspective) is - it is in essence, a cycle to survive as well as keeping the competitive market alive and active.

There are many companies like mine throughout the U.S. with the same hopes and dreams. Thank God for the JOBS Acts from 2012 that makes it easier for direct/private lenders/investors to help start-up businesses and other entrepreneurial entities in obtaining funding (e.g. creative financing – 65%-100% LTV Short-term, I/O; syndication/hedge funding/crowd-funding, equity partnership/private, or JV/VC.)

If you can help me or refer me to someone that can, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you and many blessings,

Robert Cristino Lima
President & CEO
Emerald Crest Ventures Group

P.S. I'll send you my Business plan (updated); credit report and the subject property’s financial package are available upon request.

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