Razor sharp technology captures the 3 Ball Lottery games in 40 plus US states -Funder or Finder

by George Robeerts
(Palm Beach Gardens, Fl USA)

I need some help finding the funds to complete the final phase of a computer software project. I’m a software developer…not a salesman or funds raiser.

Funding needed $150K....add $30K as your commission...total to be raised $180K.

Funding partner had to pull out due to her land sales company in N. Carolina going out of business so it’s perfect timing for someone to pick up funding as there has been over $400K invested in the project to date.

Project will be complete within 6 months and will generate $36 million a year in total income from the 40 US states that will use this software application.

Please see PowerPoint presentation below regarding this unique opportunity. There are many other ways to gain financially from this project if you are in a US state that has the 3 Ball Lottery game!

Call George (561) 201-6017 or reply to this post with any questions you might have.


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