Rare Business looking for Capital

by Shane Carrier
(New London CT 06320)

This is a great investment and a very rare type of business, if you are truly interested in this investment and to make a great ROI.
This is the energy, oil, gas, nuclear plants type of business. This is to supply all these companies (Casinos, Navy, Coast Guard, Colleges, High Schools, Elementary schools, Oil refineries, Pharmaceutical plants, Paper mills, Iron and Steel Refineries, Corrections facilities and many more) with the repair of their valve(s) within their system’s to certify their safety valve(s) and repair all other inline valve(s) with-in their system (globe, gate, poppet, ball, blade and so much more), their valve(s) supply water, steam, air, and water and gases into their systems and these valve(s) supply flow, or prevents flow to isolate systems for repair(s) or other cause to prevent problems with-in the system(s). SLC Valve Repair Services L.L.C; repairs the operator(s) and actuator(s) with the valve(s), these operator(s) and actuator(s) are what electronically operate or manually operate the valve(s) from a control center or if control has a malfunction they can be manually operated. Within the plant(s), these operator(s) and actuator(s) are attached to the valve(s) that cause flow or isolation to the system(s) gases, air, water, steam, chemicals etc.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me at any time or ask me any questions regarding the investment or Documents for your review..
Shane Carrier
SLC Valve Repair Services L.L.C
Phone: 1 (860) 710-6422
E-mail: slcvalverepair@gmail.com

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