(Pangia Town, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea)

Sesacom ILG Land Boundary and Sesacom Wawi-Leri Committees Photographs

Sesacom ILG Land Boundary and Sesacom Wawi-Leri Committees Photographs

We (SESACOM WAWI-LERI I.L.G.) are in a least developed area in East Pangia, Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.

We are seeking to raise capital/ funds in the amount of $200, 000 USD to complete social mapping in an area under Forest Management Authority in Papua New Guinea within a total primary forest area of 99, 000 hectares of which Sesacom Wawi-Leri owns 40, 000 plus hectares.

Our aim is to consolidate our ILG that will be under Forest and Logging, at the same time Gold Exploration is in progress.

This is to provide our ILG as a vehicle to act on our interest (Logging and Mining) particularly to sustain our ecosystem before and after the operation.

a) Management of Environmental damage be forestry and mining exploration
b) For us to participate in both public private partnership with the operators.

We therefore, would send all our information should you think our request is genuine in terms of greenhouse effect and mining and Environmental destruction.

We speak on behalf of 2,800 people at a birth rate of 2.7% per annum.

We will welcome and invite anyone/ investors who would be willing to support our purpose in a business deal.

Thank you

on behalf of
SESACOM WAWI-LERI Incorporated Land Group
MOREA Village East Pangia, Southern Higlhlands Province
Papua New Guinea.

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