pyrolysis plant in Tanzania

by aggrey sawaya


Pollution is a serious problem. Pollution is the contamination of the air, water and land which all affects the bio diversity. Pollution is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide provoking health hazards as malaria, cholera, typhoid, skin and lung cancer and many more, which is caused by both liquid and solid wastes. It is also contributing to the global warming and affecting the marine habitats therefore declining of all marine creatures all due to the unfriendly activities imposed by both human activities and natural disasters.
The government of Tanzania has tried to tackle this environmental problem, using different methods including environmental laws and banning the use of plastics bags. Although, there is still inadequate control in controlling this cross cutting issue, and hence this project will address the use of all waste products, such as plastics materials, PP, PE PS, ABS Leftover of papers, house garbage, rubber cable, used tires. In a way that it will combat the problem and also prove to be profitable investment both socially and economically as it’s a very astonishing project.
This project involves the thermo chemical decomposition of solid wastes (plastics materials, PP, PE PS, and ABS Leftover of papers, house garbage, rubber cable, and used tires) where by it will produce products such as Carbon black, Steel wire, Syngas, Pyrolysis oil.
Pyrolysis oil as the main product has many uses such as coal or heating oil fired boilers, furnaces and turbines. These systems are normally found in power plants where electricity, heat and steam are produced. Boilers, furnaces and turbines are initiated at large industrial companies to supply their demand for electricity, heat and steam. It can also be refined and blended with diesel to produce sustainable transport fuels.
This environmental friendly project will be started at one of the Dar es Salaam municipals, either ilala, Temeke or Kinondoni as Dar es Salaams population is growing at the rate of 5.7 percent annually. It is anticipated by, 2020 the population of the city will be over 5.12 million producing an estimated 2,500 tons of solid waste per day. The basic idea of the project is to convert all this wastes into clean energy thereby protecting the environment from degradation, pollution and reducing unemployment rate in the city.
The establishment of this plant requires an estimated amount of 469,375 USD which includes the construction, importation of plant equipments and other working tools in addition to other expenses such as salary, utilities, insurance. This project proves to be highly rewarding.
This ecological project has both social benefits to the whole community and as well as financial benefit to the investor. To the community as a whole the benefits include new business opportunities, friendly eco-environment, increase land area that was prior used for dumping garbage’s, Reduced land pollution, water pollution caused by toxic substances, cleaner, healthier and sustainable ecosystem, job opportunities and many more. To the investor the returns at the year of establishment is highly attractive after selling the products financial sustainability is present as the yearly sales turnover at full capacity is estimated to be 13338000 USD and total expenses yearly is estimated at 361,073 USD and giving the investor the total estimated profit for the year of 812451 USD.
When all’s said and done this project can guarantee environment sustainability for the generations to come as well profitable investment returns to change the standard of living of all the citizens in Tanzania as this project will touch many regions of the country and also can be adopted in other countries facing pollution problems.
Baseline data

Dar es salaam consists of three municipalities namely ilala,Temeke and kinondoni.This project will start as a pilot activity based on one of the three municipalities before going to other towns and cities. Dar es Salaams population is growing at 5.7 percent annually increase and its is expected that by year 2020 its is estimated that the population of the city will be over 5.12 million producing an estimated 2,500 tons of solid waste per day.The basic idea of the project is to convert all this wastes into clean energy thereby protecting the environment from degradation, pollution and reduce unemployment rate in the city.


The beneficiaries of this project will be the 5.12 million residents of Dar es Salaam. And if this project is successful it will not only benefit the local population of the Dar es salaam by providing jobs but also the whole country as it will be established in the rest of the regions this will help to attract more investor to Tanzania as the major cities and town environments will be clean and free of diseases.
Goals and purposes

The aim is to subject such solid waste materials mainly (plastics and waste tires) to chemical decomposition by heating hence Pyrolysis. The purpose of Pyrolysis includes:

 Recycling solid wastes into clean energy by applying thermal technology.
 Make biofuel.
 Reclaim land used for dumping garages.
 Reduce land pollution.
 Cut down water pollution by toxic substances.
 To solve pollution problem caused by waste tires, scrap plastic or rubber.
 Creating cleaner, healthier and sustainable ecosystem.
 Help reduce dependency on foreign fossil fuels and geo-extraction.
 To prevent global Warming by reducing CO2 emission.
 To protect our declining petroleum resource.
 To create new business opportunities.
 To contribute to the eco-environment.
The plant we are planning to acquire will have the capacity of processing 10 tons per day with the high oil out put rate 45%-52%.Therefore we are planning to produce 5000 liter of Pyrolysis per day and use the oil to generate electricity. It is estimated that Tanzania electricity demand per day is 1000mw and the total electricity produced is only 77% of the demand which means that 24% of the market is available. The price of electricity is Tanzania varies depends on connection to the main grid or isolated from main grid the prices are 0.076 usd/kwh in main grid and 0.238 usd/kwh in isolated grid. This project has the potential to produce more than 1MW of electricity depends on the size of turbine used that is more than 0.1% of the estimated market share.

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More details please
by: Anonymous

Hi. Your proposal is interesting. May I ask how the revenue will be generated. In vague terms I understand it will be through the sale of the oil, but who will be your customers?

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