Pyrolisys Plant: Turn used tires and plastic into useable fuel and other products. Mexico

by Gregory Boop
(Puerto Vallarta,Jal,Mexico)

We are seeking $10 million dollars with complete payback to the investor in 3 years.

Our company is North Business Action S.A. de R.L. Our project is to build a Pyrolisys recycling plant in the state of Nayarit Mexico,close to Puerto Vallarta.

The Mexican government is now demanding that all states find a way to eliminate all used tires from the environment or be fined.With this Pyrolisys process we can eliminate all used tires and plastic and turn it into diesel oil and gasoline to be resold immediately.

We have just completed talks with the local state govt. and they like our project.The state will arrange for government contracts that will demand any and alll tires and plastic be delivered to our plant.

There is no end to the recycling of tires and plastic.If you are an investor and are interested in this project, please contact me for more info.

We are open to any proposals you may have.

..........Thank Gregory S. Boop

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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