PV Solar Plant in UKRAINE

by David

Herewith we send you a RTB 9,3 MW PV Solar plant in UKRAINE (4,6 + 4,7 MW).

- We offer whole Licences+EPC+O&M package.
- All Ready to Build and Start asap just now (with French constructor).
- PPA $0.45/kWh if we could finish the plants before end of 2014.

The business plan I send you is a generic business plan for Ukraine (5MW), with the building cost only. You do not have in this cost the development cost grid connection cost and VAT. This last factor is important as VAT on building is reimbursed by state a long time after building. In Ukraine over 5MW, permit need a specific license and process are longer.
License belongs to the company obtained from the commission of energy in Ukraine. Ownership of the company goes hand in hand with ownership of the license.

Please find enclosed the project of 9,3 MW divided in 2 parts of 4,6 and 4,7 MW approx) in order to respect what I quote in the text before.

1.1. Turnkeys and permit
•All turn keys are validated. Permit is actually run by administration to be stamped after middle of October.
•The objective is to start building as soon as the permit is delivered to delivered the site in February as a maximum.

1.2. The following data are based on the globality of the 9,3MW of the project (you have to adapt a ratio to match only one part)
•Investors can buy the project alone for 2 800 000 €. All the becoming of the project construction and management depends of them. The process will be a simple transaction and they can ask for our services if they need (from building to management). Go to article 4.
•On Investors can invest in the package (SPV + Building + Panels + management) as an investing asset program for 40% of the total investment, which is 23 500 000 € (Project + Building + panels + VAT included) : their part is representing 9 400 000 €. A debt with a reliable Bank (already chosen will be set for the 60%) on 12 years maximum according an interest rate of 7%. The role of Shareholder is passive has renewable sites working do not need strategy, but they need a mandated management of the site in Ukraine. Go to article 3.

1.3. LOI, Acquisition of the project and so
•A LOI is made to set the following condition : •The purchase is made only if all the funding is realized and the amount are available
•At this time Funds goes in SPV banking account and in the same time the owner ship is transferred to the new owner (or group of owner) and the former owner is paid by the new owner through SPV account of the amount of the project.

•Then in virtue of the contract, the SPV will pay invoices of the EPC for the construction assisted by the project developer and the future manager of the site. As in Ukraine a solar company site must own the mean of production. A mandated contract is set to set the management of the site to the company designed in the term and condition of the package.
•After grid connection, the site is delivered and the role of the site managing company start according an annual fees : its role is to coordinate O&M, follow accountancy and legal and set all the good conditions for dividends and exit of the investors at the term of the investment program. At the end, of the program, and the buyback of share by the site manager, the site become his ownership.


David Piñana
Industrial Engineer
IBPS Manager& Consultant
Barcelona (Spain)
Tel.: +34 629106395

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