by E'Divas Weave Extensions
(Atlanta, Ga.)

That's right! I said it. Have you ever wondered how much money is really in the beauty and fashion industry. Even in a so-called "recession" the beauty and fashion industry didn't really report any dramatic lost in revenue or downsizing. The hair industry alone is just a small entity in the beauty & fashion world, but yet it accounts for billion dollar revenue each year. This industry is in fact growing and becoming more lucrative now than it was just three years ago. I have been a licensed Master Cosmetologist for the past 10 years holding license in both Illinois, Tennessee, and now Georgia. I have a well established clientele which is steadily growing everyday. By investing in the brand that I want to bring to the table you will be creating a platform for women of all nationality and background. First we will be importing our own human hair weave extensions to be packaged and sold at our location. Second my team and I will offer licensed and professional installation services to now creating a one stop shopping experience that will appeal to the minds of all women and young ladies who like convenience. Third, we can top it off by adding some of the latest trends in accessories, fashion, & spa services. We will knock-out all competitors trying to rise to our occasion. We also will want to get in on a charitable contribution to increase the awareness of hair loss and alternatives to hair replacement options. There are Women, teens, & even children of all ages suffering from hair loss due to disease, medication, or family history and we can help. I encourage you to take a look at some of the reviews about the imported hair industry, review the numbers, and you to will want to invest in my company and transform the beauty and fashion industry. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am currently finishing up the business plan and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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