Proposal of our project

by Saeed Mohamed

Executive Summary
Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd former Shina Maldives Pvt Ltd company operated by Mohamed Saeed who has number of experiences in construction and travel and tourism industry is opening a wonderful opportunity to enter the world’s most well-known travel and tourism industry. We are looking for an enthusiastic Investor to build a Luxurious Hotel of 46 rooms at the north of Maldives ( H.DH. Hanimaadhoo) which is going to lead the area as there are no competitors except only one small scale business providing accommodation.
We need at least US$ 5 million to 5.5 million for the project which is far less compared to the income that could be raised if the project went successful.
Every other than accommodation the Luxury hotel will offer its customers food and beverage services and some more interesting indoor and outdoor activities. Our hotel will be located 30 minutes walking distance from the International Airport in Hanimadhoo Island just in front of the white sandy beach. Therefore it would be an ideal place for both nature lovers and those who want to spend their spare time in an active way. Although the peak season is October and June, the hotel will be run through the year.
• Following is a highlight of a forecasted sales and profit for its first three years.

Company Summary
The Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd Company located in the capital of Maldives is going to open 46 room Luxury Hotel under the management of Mohamed Saeed in the North of Maldives. The Hotel will provide food and beverage services and many other joyful activities that customer can take part in.

Company Ownership
The Hotel will be running under the management of Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd Company which means Mohamed Saeed MD and C E O.

The main objective of the Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd Company in its first three years of Luxury Hotel will be as follows.
• To achieve a payback period of less than 2 years.
• Exceeding customer expectations in every service it provides.
• Maintain its success for long-term.

The mission of the Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd Company will be to become the best Luxury Hotel in the area and finally in Maldives.

Product / Service
Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd Company is going to offer its customers with 4 Star Luxurious Hotel with food from all around the world. The main goods and services that we plan to offer are as follows.
• Accommodation
• Indoor sports activates
• Water Sports and etc.

Our target is to build a Hotel infront of the beach.

The Market
Maldives has become the most famous destination among customers all over the world. Therefore there is always a great scope for rapid development in any business related to travel and toursim. As there are many competitiors and have got a great competitive advantage of our location which will become a very successsful project.
For More Information about the Tourism Market , we will send you Maldives Visitors Surway 2013 document.

Marketing Plan
Our main target group will be customers who travel through the International Airport plus customers who visit nearby resorts and through our own Travel Agency. We will use the International Airport and our website and many more ways to advertise our Company. We made lots of estimation through which we came to know that we would need atleast US$ 5 to 5.5 million for the project. We aim to offer the rooms at a range of $150 to $250 during low seasons and higher in peak season.

Sales Forcast
Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Rooms 3006000 3006000 3006000
Food - 1706640 1706640
Activities - - 2278560
Total Sales 3006000 4712640 6991200

Organisation Plan
The people who will be involved in the business will be the investors , shareholders and our staffs. We offer the greatest value that is 45 % share to the Investor and our staffs with best salary and working condition. All the business decisions will be managed and organaised by the MD Mohamed Saeed and people he give permission to take different actions.
Operation Plan
Our main Head Office will be located in the capital city of Maldives , Male’ . This will be the main point to controll all the activities run by the Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd. How ever Hanimadhoo is the place where the service will be based. We will find operational staffs from the island of Hanimadhoo which would be an advantage for the society.
Financial Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Sale accomodation 3006000 3006000 3006000
Food & Bevarege - 1706640 1706640
Indoor & outdoor activities - - 2278560
Total Inflow 3006000 4712640 6991200
Electricity 36000 36000 30000
Water 36000 36000 36000
Rawmaterials day to day 360000 360000 360000
Wages & salaries 240000 240000 240000
Start up Eaxpences 550000 - -
Total Cash Out-Flow 862000 312000 306000
Net Cash Flow 2144000 4400640 6685200

Break Even Analysis

The Graph Shows the Following
• Y- axis represent US $
• X-axis represent Months
• Redline represents Revenue

There is not such a specific exit strategy in the forseable future. Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd is aiming to widen its business day by day by introducing more activities and services provided to its customers , like water sports and other indoor sports facilities.
• All the calcuations are base on approximated estimation as close to the real values , not exactly as real values.
• Expenses are highest when calculating profit.
• Incomes are its lowest when calculating profit.

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