Promotional Products, Printing and Sports Merchandising Startup.

by Tom Griffin
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I have built a strong but underfunded Promotional Products and Printing Distributorship that frankly needs help.

It has the potential to generate millions of dollars per year in profits once established, but right now it needs to be heavily promoted and exposed to the potential clientele, which is not an inexpensive proposition. I also find myself ideally situated two and one half blocks from Quicken Loans arena in Cleveland, where the Cavaliers and LeBron James play. We are also located about 8 blocks from First Energy Stadium, home of the resurgent Cleveland Browns. This city is electric in regards to our sports teams and the merchandise related is selling faster than it can be put out for sale.

I want to get involved in this merchandising as it may well fund the promotion my main business needs to take the next step.

A little about me...I am a recovering Fat Man, two years ago I was 450 pounds and unable to actually accomplish anything although I though I could which destroyed my credit. I have lost 200 pounds via Bariatric Surgery and lifestyle change and I am ready to conquer the world, except I cannot walk well, as a result of Neuropathy, nerve damage from Diabetes, which I have no longer, but the damaged nerves will remain. Therefore I need to hire salespeople, and unless I give them commission only, which nobody wants, I cannot afford to do.

I have a full Business Plan available to anyone interested for the Promotional business, but am also entertaining those who might want to invest in this potentially lucrative Sports Merchandising angle.

You can contact me at for more info and a copy of the Business Plan in PDF form.

Thank you

Tom Griffin
CEO Target Promo Inc.

P.S. I am so tired of offers from Turkish businesspeople who demand I use their insurance underwriters to guarantee the loan. Might as well just burn my money.

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