Project: Software Comprehension Tools

by Serge Rogatch

The architecture of FreeCol computer game source code

The architecture of FreeCol computer game source code

The architecture of FreeCol computer game source code A piece of the architecture of an accounting system

You can read in the attached PDFs here about a project to implement a tool which will infer the software architecture (nested decomposition of a software system into subsystems) automatically from the source code of a software system. There is currently a prototype with which I could do analysis of your software if it's in Java. The first version of the commercial tool will work for both Java and .NET (C#, VB.NET, etc)

I am looking for a possibility to implement a software engineering tool. The tool will increase the productivity of software engineers, let them implement more complex software systems than the current software systems limited by human cognitive abilities and available tools, analyze the quality (stability, extensibility, etc) of the existing software systems, let the software engineers understand the weaknesses which need attention and prompt about the changes sufficient for the software systems to become cheaper in maintenance and more stable. E.g. as far as I know, Mars rovers were lost due to errors in their software. The software engineering tool aims at improving the stability of software systems.

The project needs 26 man*years to get implemented. The project website is: . The Business Plan is available at . The rest of documentation about the project (e.g. technical docs and a presentation in Russian) is available at

Best wishes,
Serge Rogatch
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