We - DLR CORPORATION, BANGALORE, INDIA, having clients seeking for Funds for their projects in the following verticals: Projects under Power Sector - SOLAR/ WIND/ HYDROELECTRIC/ (50 MW to 250 MW) CONSTRUCTION OF: Express highways/ widening of existing roads(4000 kms) commercial office complex/ commercial complex and multiplex/ 500 and 5 lakh houses/ oil & gas projects/ coal & gold mining projects/ International Airports/ Township projects/ Real Estate projects/
High-rise Apartment blocks/ high-end Villas projects/

Kindly let us know your interest in any particular project / vertical / we will provide
executive summary or business plan, or you can ask for sending a specific details for the
project you interested. Many projects from African countries. They are also looking for
Direct Funding to the concerned Government for a Tenure of 30 years. Amount requested is US$ 1 Billion to US$ 5 Billion at a low Rate of Interest.

We are having projects from Canada / Indonesia / Brazil / Sri Lanka and INDIA. WE have
projects ranging from US$ 25 Million to US$ 10 Billion. Almost all projects are Start-ups
and not under construction or Running projects.

Kindly provide your interest in the projects and also Terms, conditions and the procedure
to be followed.

Hope,you will do the needful.

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