Project finance for Pharmaceutical company

by Prabhakar Lahare
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

I would like to take this opportunity to brief about us,


We are a Indian Pharmaceutical company in Gujarat, started in 2012. Company is started by well experienced technocratic team having more than 4 decades cumulative experience in Pharma industry for R&D, manufacturing, Process development & scale up, development of technology driven products with patent non-infringing and new technologies, NDDS (Novel drug delivery systems), FTF’s (First to file opportunities), Regulatory affairs with filings and approval of products in various countries like USA, CANADA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL etc, Quality Assurance & management system, marketing, audits and compliance etc. We also have good understanding & practical experience of facing & complying audits like US-FDA, TGA, MHRA, ANVISSA, TPD etc (All the regulatory authorities of major part of the world), We have experience for filing and approvals of more than 100+ products in USA, Canada, Europe etc, along with API’s DMF.

As we being worked at senior level in industry, we know overall business operations for Pharmaceutical. We have a great vision and strategy to execute our vision into results where more than 20% ROI is expected with asset of 6 to 8 fold high within 10 years of investment plan.

We are looking for a Funding of 10 Million USD, by which we would like to acquire the followings,

- A ready WHO-GMP Manufacturing plant, which will be made to EU GMP by us with in 3 years of time, a contract manufacturing model will be adopted to start with followed by our own product manufacturing to be exported to European countries. This will cost us about 5 Million USD.

- Acquisition of a pharma drug intermediate manufacturing plant, company has already a ready business of about 4 Million/Year, with profit of about 1 Million USD/year. Cost for this acquisition will be about 1 Million USD

- Set up of R&D centre to develop inhouse products, innovative & patent non infringing products, technology driven & innovative product development. Cost for this will be about 4 Million USD.

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