Project CARBON: Funding needed for a carbon and graphite production plant in Croatia

by Andrej Santic
(Zagreb / Croatia)

The Project CARBON is targeted at highly profitable production of important raw materials like synthetic graphite, carbon black and activated carbon that are produced in adherence with ecological principles. The production process is based on a newly developed environmentally oriented plant system – the ACTS (Advanced Carbon Technology System), which uses waste steel-rubber composites (e.g.used-tyres,rubber chains etc.) as raw material. The annual production volume will be around 3,000 tonnes of synthetic graphite and 7,000 tonnes of activated carbon.

The entire production process generates its own energy supply since all the electrical power needed to operate the plant is produced from extracted oil and gas, which significantly reduces the cost of production.

The location of Project CARBON, the industrial area of Vukovar in Croatia, has been chosen due to its geostrategic and economic benefits. Vukovar has a special “state-welfare" status and is well positioned for taking advantage of EU funding. Various state and local funding models provide advantages which can minimise operating costs and boost its effectiveness.

The local and governmental authorities of Croatia are very interested in the realisation of this project, but we still need the needed funds to realise this project. The total investment volume will be 52 million EUR.

If you are an investor who is capable of funding this project, please contact me at

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