Production of mushrooms in the food industry, obtained with sterile substrate and subsequent transformation into IV and V range and large-scale deployment

by Massimiliano Paolucci
(Cesena, Italy)

Design, testing, implementation and Cultivation, from an agro-food point of view, of mushrooms which will be subsequently processed, changed, packaged and marketed under our brand, the substrate used for this crop provides for the sterilization of straw and as we know the sterile substrates have them superior output than any other system in use and the adoption of the continuous process would greatly increase the productivity of the mushroom beds, finally, the whole mass exhausted, residues of mushroom cultivation, will be processed and rebuilt in organic soil to be subsequently allocated in part for business purposes and the remaining part for the fertilizer market.
The choice of investments to be made, the technologies to be used, the organization, the organizational model, the contracts, the varieties to be grown, quality policies, are all in accordance with the following identified critical success factors:
a) Reduction of production costs;
b) Scheduled Production
c) Safety at work
d) Diversification of offered products
e) Improving of the quality
f) Innovation and research
g) Marketing policies
h) Increased bargaining power
i) Energy efficiency
j) Environmental Sustainability (best land use, water use reduction)
k) Traceability of product
l) Easy crop conversion (the plant is suitable for the cultivation of other varietal species)
m) Satisfaction of the needs of the modern distribution
n) Recycling of waste
o) Protection of the environment
p) Creation of jobs

The project involves the construction of an industrial plant in the town of Cesena Italy, intended for the production of:
• Fresh mushrooms as they are packaged in trays of 250 gr / each. (45% of production) Diced mushrooms packaged in bags of IV range from 250 gr / each. (35% of production)
• Mushrooms Grillati V packaged in brix range from 200 gr / each. (20% of production)
• organic soil conditioner packaged in bags of 25 kg / each. (50% of the mass produced in the company exhausted the remainder is re-used on the farm for the production of mushrooms).
• Lipids intended for supply chain (8% of full coffee machine coffee grounds?????)
• Enzymes for the biological paper
• Natural fertilizers for farming (substrate exhausted)
The species chosen for production is the Cardoncello appreciated in the market for quality, flavor and aroma. The plant can easily produce the variety:
Shiitake oriental scented mushroom famous for its herbal uses;
Stropharia mushroom prized for its fragrance and porcini mushrooms serious competitor in terms of flavor, meat density and intake of vitamins;
Ganoderma lucidum known as Reishi or Ling Zhi, a fungus that is widespread in tropical and temperate climates, its spread is determined by the presence of some trees on which it grows.
The production will be destined for the Italian market for 50%, an amount equal to 50% will be allocated to the foreign market
The production will be placed in the following channels:
• Big retail and Discount of 80%
• Institutional catering (canteens, schools, fast food, pizzeria, restaurants) for 10%
• Horeca for 8%
• Retail sales and Internet 2%

The total investment amounts to € 14,072,000.00 distributed in twelve months
The effects are remarkable economic lever type, for which, despite the higher costs, since it is a real industrial process alongside typically agricultural one, turnover volumes are more than proportional.

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