produce stand-alone electricity generators (no grid connection)

by Jorge Guzman

can you finance and help us to finish development of our start up to produce stand-alone electricity generators (no grid connection)?:

Executive summary

Our aim is to produce stand-alone electricity generators (no grid
connection), patent pending.
What I am to present in this business plan is a complete new energy system that do
not need connection with the power grid.
This energetic invention only use the sun light for 8 seconds to boot the system, and
this will result in energy for up to 30 years or more nonstop.
See at page 17 as our system differs from other solar energy systems.
will work as a standalone power system.
After the initialization process the solar panels are no more necessary, but they can
be used to startup other quantum chambers, they can be stored for future
initializations.(of other units).
Cost of the KW/h In terms of kW/h our cost is three tenths of a
thousandth of a cent (0.000003158 kW/h).
I hope this brief description could give you an idea of I am presenting you now and receive your offer to send you our NCNDA and business plan.
Await your reply.

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