Processing/Beneficiation of Silica Powder up to Nano Silica Powder without grinding silica clay

by Dexter DJ. De Castro
(Naga City, Bicol, Philippines)

Beneficiation of Silica Powder - Nano Silica Powder

"To process raw silica powder that already has an average particle size of 410 nanometer and 70% of it is passing 325 mesh. Raw Chemical Composition : 92 - 98% Sio2"

Proposal Summary:

The Siruma-Silica Clay (White Clay), offered by us, is 100 % raw and natural. We are the mine-owner of Silica Clay (White Clay), also known locally as white clay with 200 million metric tons deposit in the entire mineral reservation area. Our experience for the last 25 years in this business & repeated orders from various clients are the testimony of its excellent quality.

Our High Grade Silica Ore/Clay is thoroughly tested so that customers always get the best quality. Such outstanding features have brought our name among the prominent White Clay/ Silica Clay Suppliers, operating here in Siruma White Clay Mineral Reservation, Cam. Sur, Region 5, Philippines.

Chemical Composition Ore Silica Clay : 92 - 98% Sio2

We are looking for investor/s to process nano silica powder. Our silica clay are naturally very fine and 70% of it is passing through 324 mesh, and the average particle size is already 410 nanometer without grinding. The advantage of our raw material is that it is already very fine and the process of grinding silica is no longer required. Separating the powder according to sizes is very economical than grinding silica stones. Separation of silica powder uses hydrocyclone to properly separate the needed finish product for different industries.

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