PROARTE - Project

by Evelyse Carvalho Ribas
(Mafra, Santa Catarina, Brasil)

It's a new project with an enormous potential for helping people and growing.

Stage of Business: Starting a Business
Legal Status: Limited Liability Partnership
Nature of business: Services / Culture
Yearly revenue: US$4 million - $5 million
Comments/Request: CULTURAL - PROARTE - Dialoguing with the body, mind, art and environment.
Public: students, artists, art educators and professionals from related fields, as well as the lay community.
800 children aged 6 to 14 years
500 adolescents aged 15 to 17 years
200 adults and elderly

Synopsis: The Cultural PROARTE Project is designed with the goal of creating spaces of environmental and artistic awareness through actions and incentives to production, reflection, interaction and exchange of knowledge to learning that emphasizes the creative process materialized in cultural workshops from different artistic languages, such as Music (stringed instruments: guitar, violin, ... percussion instruments: battery, ... wind instruments: sax, ... ), Painting (glass, ceramics, canvas... ), Performing Arts (theatre, ....), Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, lounge), Sculpture (clay and wood), Photography, Demolition Wood and Roots and Trunks, ....
Configures itself to the community open space that seeks to congregate, students, artists, art educators and professionals in related fields, as well as the lay community, interested in art and desirous of a concrete aesthetic experience. It is also ideal for reflection and discussion on environmental sustainability and contemporary artistic production site.
We intend to demonstrate that culture is an instrument of self - knowledge and the constitution of citizenship. And both artistic production and the enjoyment does not depend on any special talent or skill. It is believed that the sensitivity is built, the talent can be formed, gained inspiration and emotion prepared.

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