Private Mortgage Venture - 70% LTV, Secured by 1st lien position, Insured

by Jesse Martinez
(Houston, TX)

GMJ Holdings, LLC begin in the Houston real estate market in 2012 as a wholesaler for investors. As investors demanded a turnkey investment, GMJ began remodeling the properties getting them ready for the rental and sales markets. In 2014 GMJ wishes to begin it’s own portfolio of investment properties.

We are currently seeking private investors to fund our real estate investments. We feel such a mutual benefit will enable our goal to build a portfolio and a successful real estate business.

We are seeking:
*1st lien position given to investor
*70% loan to value
*Ten, twelve or fifteen year amortizing notes
*Seven (7%) percent annual percentage rate

Please email us for information packet:

This can be a great way for Private Investors to invest in Houston's real estate market without all the headaches, work and management.

Jesse Martinez
GMJ Holdings, LLC

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