Primary Health Care company is seeking $250K-$2.5 million in initial equity funding for proven business model.

Invest $250K and receive a $5,000/month structured payment for the lifetime of the business on one doctor's office, this translates into a 24%/yr return. Bonus: 1% equity in the company.

Invest $2.5M and receive $5,000/month on every doctor's office opened by the business for the lifetime of this business + receive 20% equity.

This Primary Health Care company is a primary care provider delivering high volume services convenient to the patient.

Our service: Immediate medical care for everyone. No emergency room rates, only high quality immediate medical care.

Our care is comprehensive and available without an appointment. All care is directed by Board Certified Primary Care Physicians, ensuring excellent outcomes for patients of all ages and ailments.

In Management’s previous primary care operation, over 400,000 patients were seen without a valid board complaint nor a lawsuit.

The Market Need

The average patient needs primary care 4 times a year. This equates to 1.32 billion visits per year, generating a $175 billion per year industry. At this time 80% of the U.S. population does not have a primary care physician (240 million people) nor are they offered the latest proven treatments that will positively impact their health and well being. Forcing them to use emergency rooms and urgent care centers, which are more expensive to the patient and insurance company. These problems, increasing unmet demand for primary care, and overuse of emergency rooms and urgent care, will only be exacerbated by the Affordable Care Act, which will add over 30 million newly insured patients to the already overburdened system.

We are going to grow our company in an aggressive manner, providing an excellent Return on Investment for all of our investors. There are options that include exit strategies as well as monthly payouts that are tied to offices opened.

Summary: We will have the best locations, the best Physicians, Physician’s Assistants and staff, delivering outstanding health care. The high quality of care, along with the patient friendly format will deliver a highly defensible market position that is sustainable, generating very high profits and favorable patient outcomes consistently

Success rate of all doctor's offices opened in the US is 98.6%. Add in that this management team has built this business before.

Ask for more detailed information through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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