prepaid trucking

by Anthony Gleicher
(Twentynine Palms, Ca usa)

this is for one truck team

this is for one truck team

Need 75k to start trucking company. Will be running 1000 miles a day simply send your phone number and I will send projection. I have 250k miles experience.
I use to work for a company that had six trucks in 1984 they split up in 1999 they had 3,000 trucks ea they are known as usxpress and covenant trucking chatanooga TN.

I did spreadsheets for six months on Saturdays you can parlay doubling the size every few months
I live in 29palms the average age will be half of the avg otr driver 56. They have a trucking school in town. Plus the military drivers are given a cdl. Times a wasting I want to retire at 62 with 1,000 trucks and live in southern France. My numbers are good. Thanks

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Dreams Into Reality Trust
by: Anthony Gleicher

Forty years ago me and a best friend dreamed of starting a trucking company i currently reside in 29palms lots of drivers available because of the marine base.
I simply return 50% on investment paid quarterly. The spreadsheet does not show current advances, i leave it as is for a safety net. fuel costs currently are closer to .30 spreadsheet using .40.
I have 250,000 miles of experience.
Its not to late i should be able do double the size of the fleet every 3 months. Have a nice day lets get rolling, thanks tony

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