Premier Communications, Media and Entertainment Hub! seeks $2M

by alex kreger
(Norwalk, CT USA)

The Premier Communications, Media and Entertainment Hub!

Headquartered in:
Silicon Valley, California 94085, USA
Use of 2013 Proceeds:
1. Complete Audit
2. Identify company or shell to go public via reverse merger
3. Execute go public strategy
4. Legal Expenses
5. Membership growth
6. Technology platform
7. Staffing
8. Data center infrastructure
9. Working Capital
10. Reserves
Competitive Advantage:
1. First to innovate Direct-Video to Storyboard Wall technology under Patent protection
2. Fourteen local languages
3. Powerful brand identity in Indian subcontinent where our brand means “meeting” & is Trademarked
Branded website for social and business media, serving the vast emerging markets of the Indian subcontinent – one of the fastest growing economies in the world with GDP at $10 trillion based on purchasing power parity.
Possibly 400+ million new internet Users in next 36 months.
Market Opportunity:
 Global Indian subcontinent diaspora of 45 million and 1,600 million people in 7 countries.
 India Internet users expected growth from 150 million to 550 million by 2017.
 We may capture 25% of the rural/semi-urban growth in traffic. This may exceed 100 million new users in 3 years. Enterprise valuation about $50/user. ($5 billion market-cap potential)
 The number of Smartphone Internet users in India (largest free democracy) is expected to hit 160 million by December 2014.
 India lacks a locally branded, internet hub which offers free messaging & chat, social networking, and content-rich media and entertainment features.
 Security and Privacy are sorely missing on our competitors sites.
 Local language content, 3D imaging and a comprehensive offering are sorely needed in the Indian subcontinent and worldwide.
Market Validation:
Studies show the Indian subcontinent has an unmet demand:
(1) Communication (instant messaging on mobile/laptop and voice chat),
(2) Entertainment (Bollywood movies, television, games, shopping)
(3) Socialize (storyboard post, private walls, blogs, event planning, forums)
Our communication, media, and entertainment model provides a solution for the unmet needs of the Indian internet user like QQ China is for the China. QQ had 2012 revenue of $7 billion and August 2013 market cap of $80 billion. Facebook (NYSE: FB) does not resonate with the average Indian rural and semi-urban User. FB currently trades at a $115 billion market cap, LNKD $27 billion market cap, Twitter expected to go public at $20 billion valuation.
Why Invest:
 A ground floor opportunity to participate in the fastest growing internet market in the world with limited risk.
 Reasonable valuation for a companywith Patent protected technology, large software system developed over a 3 year period and market validation.
 “Live” and gets as many as 40,000 hits per day already.
 We provide Public, Friends, Family and Business Walls totally free and with advanced, patent pending technology.
 Totally Private and completely Secure
 Our brand means “meeting” in our target market and is a powerful trademarked brand with wide acceptance.
 Over 20 features to address 15 – 90 year olds and small business.
 First to offer 3D imaging for Business and Individual social media.
 Patent pending “One touch” Direct Video and 3D advertising
 3D images and rich multimedia features, file sharing, IM and voice-voice chat, event management, dating, classified ads.
 iOS, Android, and Blackberry mobile apps deployed.
 Microsoft .net, SQL server, and Java components on a company owned and managed data center in Sunnyvale, CA.

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