Poultry Contract Growing Business

by Rolly Sinang
(Santa Maria Bulacan)

I am Mr. Rolly Sinang a graduate of B.S. Agriculture major in Animal Science, from Santa Maria Bulacan Philippines I am planning to put up my personal or joint-venture investment which I believe and I know it will make economical /personal growth of success. I need a firm which can help me to start up my business proposal with full guarantee of investment.To this project proposal as contract grower I need a start up capital around Php:40M ($800,000.) includes of acquiring 5 hectare agricultural land and a 2 tunnel vent poultry house with a size of 16 meter width x 144 meter in length which has a capacity of birds around 40,000 heads per building.Also it includes other facilities & equipment needed.

PROPOSE PROJECT LOCATION: Santa Maria Bulacan Philippines.

PROPOSE CONTRACTING PARTIES: San Miguel Food Inc. (phil.), VITARICH Corp. ( phil.) Bounty Fresh Food Inc. (Phil.)

This contract growing business is very feasible in our country with the help of integrator as my partner in raising the said project.

The INTEGRATOR provides the building designs, birds,feeds,medicine,market and technical support.

The GROWER provides the building and management care and operation

Return of Investment would occur in 5 years on its payment scheme scheduled prepared by the integrator itself.

By helping me to make this project, it would benefit also our countrymen to have their employment and to be part of nation building of our country.

Please contact me through the "Contact us" page of this website, mention "Poultry Contract Growing Business Philippines"

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