Plug-In and Connect The RDC

by Rodger Saunders
(Roanoke, Virginia USA)

The Roanoke Diversity Center

The Roanoke Diversity Center

The Roanoke Diversity Center St. Patrick's Day Parade 2014 The RDC

We are raising money to purchase an HDTV and electronic equipment for our Community Center. These items will allow us to have events and activities such as meetings (Skype and Google Hangouts), workshops with video, movie nights, festivals, guest speakers, and presentations. In addition, these items will enrich our physical and social well being with game nights and exercise classes utilizing the Wii system.
With your generous donation we can create the following possibilties and much more:

Movie Nights and Film Festivals: The smell of popcorn wafts through the room while a group of 25 sit theater-style, munching and crunching on snacks , slurping their sodas, and laughing at the funny scene on the new HDTV.
Volunteers: Volunteers are brainstorming their next RDC event, their thoughts captured electronically on the big screen TV while they devour pepperoni pizza and laugh and share funny captions and pics they have seen on the Internet.
Educational Events: A group gathers to hear a local health professional speak about Transgender health issues, concerns, and resources. They utilize our new multimedia equipment to show relevant film clips and a power point presentation. The audience is excited and wants to know more. A lively discussion follows.
Bowling and Game Tournaments: A group of seniors are laughing, joking with one another, moving their bodies this way and that as they try to direct their bowling ball into position for a strike. Hoping to beat their personal best score, two teams compete for a small prize awarded at the end of the event.

Funding received from this campaign will be used exclusively to purchase the following items:

60-70" Smart, Internet HDTV

Blu-Ray Player

Small audio system

Wii games, and updated Wii system.

Wiring, TV mounting bracket, and installation costs

MPLC - Umbrella Film License, Projector- (External venue events, etc)

Thank you for empowering us and our community! As a nonprofit, we seek new, innovative ways to accomplish our mission by providing an educational, fun, and safe environment for all! Your act of kindness will empower us so that we may empower others by making our space the best it can be!

The Roanoke Diversity Center Board of Directors

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