by Yulia
(Russia Moscow)

Here is a description of starting up a project in the very new industry with high efficiency and great potential in Russia - rotomolding production. This sector has been developing in Russia since 2007. Rotomolding production gives an opportunity to do great variable products which are in high demand on the market. In Moscow region there are three real competitors, one of which focuses on products for the construction (not our case), other has an obsolete and not efficient equipment for the time being
Our competitive advantages are: Romomolding production, modern equipment, managerial skills of partners and possibility to work on its own assets. The place (Moscow region) is also a great plus to the future of the business.
All these guarantee that the business will have a sustainable development for many years. And even with very conservative attitude, the company will have a 10 -15% the market share in 3 years.
The partners on the business are looking for a loan of 3 500 00 USD for 6 years. And offer collaterals in the form of building and equipment for investor to minimize investor’s risks. Before putting into operation building (supposed to build it from scratch) and equipment, Investor will control all expenses for the first 6 months.
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skype: julia935g

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