PL Bet are looking to start a remote gambling company based in Curacao.

by Ioannis Polychronopoulos
(thessaloniki, Greece)

PL Holdings will be based in Curacao with a one network gaming license for online gambling. Curacao provides everything related to legal, technical and administrative requirements for creating and management of an online gaming company.

Our objective is to acquire 1% of the existing European Market and to have continuous and stable sales in order to consolidate PLBet in the field of online gambling. In order to achieve that, the strategy that will be followed will be the one of diversification. This will help the positioning of the company and will be supported by new, innovative and creative promotional campaigns.

Strengths of PLBet
Specialisation in all games / PL Bet Platform / Innovative Products / €5m advertising budget / €0.5m market research budget.

To all of you that will be interested in our idea we will send you all the necessary information about how our management team will work and of course how you will be able to become not only a co-founder of our company but a vital member of it.

According to our business plan which aims within the next 5 years to conquer 1 up to 3% of the global remote gambling market, and according to the fact that the profits of this sector grow year by year, based on our financial projection, the profits of every single investor should be within 15 and 20 times of their initial investment.
Our business plan and our financial projection remain at the disposition of any investor who is interested in our plan.

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