Philippine Catanauan Cove resort

by fumi yamakawa

The project is called the Catanauan Cove White Sand Beach Resort and Residences. It has 3 Phases to wit: The main Resort which is around 5 hectares including the white sand shore area; The ResidentialResort which as 2 Phases, Phase 1 being closer to the beach and the main resort selling around 137 residential lots, with 2 areas of around 6,000 sqms reserved for mid-rise CONDOTELS; and Phase 2, which is selling 167 lots with one area of more than 5,000 on top of the "with ocean view", likewise reserved for another midrise condotel CONDOTEL.

Our vision is to make Catanauan Cove become one of the "most famous tourists' destinations in Asia with an upscale residential resort" with uniform residential houses which may be rented out by the owners to the resort's guests, or be sold or leased (long-term) to foreign retirees and investors.

We strongly adhere to the global ADVOCACY to "protect mother earth for the enjoyment of present and generations to come". We are similarly directed and focused in fostering a "sustainable community-based tourism employment program" as we want the local people to be part of the entire growth and progress. As part of our deeper social responsibility, we have also started to send the locals' children to schools, as well as provide for formal scholarships and training to our staff, by sending them to vocational and trade's schools.

The Catanauan Cove is, perhaps, the biggest white sand beach residential resort closest to Manila and in the entire province of Quezon. With its almost 2 kilometers of white shoreline, thousands of full grown trees, hilly terrain, natural creeks and swamps, no doubt it is a class of its own. With the discovery of a 1,200 year old "jar burial" within the resort, which is now being excavated by the National Museum Officials, and a Water Well believed to have been constructed by the Japanese soldiers during WW II, the place has become more popular and its potential enhanced as a result thereof. Additionally, the resortcan be reached by land and the road all the way from Manila is concreted. Once the "free-way" called SLEX extention to Lucena is completed by 2018, the Catanauan Cove will be the nearest white beachresort from the Philippines' capital, Manila.

The MAIN RESORT is already operational since November 2010. It has a "clubhouse", 29 bungalow villas, 2 infinity pools, restaurants and beach bar, SPA under construction and finished in 2 months, and with all the water and beach sports facilities.

As a result of this quick or fast selling of our lots, we feel that the project's success is already irreversible. We further feel, in fact that, we could even increase the lot prices if development will be massive and completed soonest. We originally sold the lots at P3,000 per sqm only. In less than a year, our current prices are between P10,000 to P15,000 per sqm, and again, this is happening even with less development at the moment. The beach lot prices in the Philippines for resorts with upscale concept like ours would normally be between P35,000 to P80,000 per sqm.


In the light of the foregoing, we now feel that we have to catch up with time while the momentum is still there. And we feel that though we can complete the concept in due time, it must on the other hand, be expedited and accelerated especially before summer starting March to June of 2015.

At the moment, we have already started as mentioned above, the land development of the Residential area taking off from Phase 1. With our existing budget and cash-flow, we may be able to finish Phase 1 By July of 2015 and Phase 2 by May 2016. This target is reasonable, but accelerating this further will certainly accelerate lot prices as well as "demands will increase with very limited supply". This would of course require readily available cash or capital without being dependent on our current cash flow.

We also have growing inquiries from foreigners for condo units, and because of limited lots now available, the next target of these buyers, especially foreigners would be condotels. Please note that under Philippine laws, foreigners may not own lands. But it would not really matter at all, since we can sell the lots to them through membership certificates or long-term lease. There is no problem with respect to condotels since foreigners are allowed by law to own titles thereto.


I have started spreading the news of my willingness to welcome investors to join me under a mutually beneficial arrangements. I in fact have meetings tomorrow with Philippine Doctors who are interested to join too, and another meeting on Monday, with a Singaporean. To say the least, what is important at the moment is to get the development moving rapidly while the momentum is still there. In fact, the Ms. Earth International is once again requesting me to allow them to hold one of their activities at the resort by November 2014. This will once again help popularize the project.

In my website, you will see the various investment options I have made available which are:

1. Lot buying or "house and lot package" buying. Some of my guests would buy 3 or 4 lots with plans of selling some later at higher prices;

2. Funding the "land-development" of the residential area at P5 Million per slot with 25% guaranteed earnings for the investor which is collectible at the end of the 5th year. Over and above, the investor earns 5% "for life" from the nightly rentals of 10 houses per slot. The entire land development project which includes road concreting, sewage and drainage, path-walks and gutters, electrical lines and connections, water tank, and gates would cost just around P50 Million or US$1.2 Million. Expected earnings from the remaining 174 lots and at current prices is figured at around P410 Million or US$9.3 Million. This can easily be doubled or more if investor funds are available;

3. CONDOTEL CONSTRUCTION at just around US$3 to $4 Million for each condotel with around 80 to 150 units, depending on the final design. The investor gets 50% of gross sales after tax and sales commissions plus 5% "for life" of the nightly rentals of all the units when occupied plus onne unit free on the top most floor; and

4. CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF GOLF COURSE, which is another project on adjacent lots. Note that the land owners of most of the lots adjacent to mine have already expressed their interest to submit their properties to be included in the master plan.


Your are coming in just at the right time. Though I have already started developing the residential area, I can leave it all up to the investors, both for residential lots, or house and lot packages, as well as the construction of condotels, including the selling of the same if they will so prefer. The following choices are suggested just in case you or your fellow investors decide to take over everything:

1. You may, instead of selling the lots only, build villas thereon, and sell it as a "house and lot package" for both locals and foreigners;

2. These houses or villas may still be rented out to the resorts' guests when owners are not occupying them;

3. We may introduce the villas to foreigners during winter-time in their home land, hence, for "vacationists" under a "vacation program";

4. The same may be done for CONDOTELS, which you may construct or even sell it your selves to foreigners and locals. We have in fact Americans, Australians, Danish, Germans, Italians and one Japanese who bought our lots under a "membership certificate program" for some and under the names of their wives or girl friends for others. They do no fear as they know that the government will very soon allow foreigners to own residential lots.


Any investor(s) coming forward will definitely feel so relaxed with less worries. This is due to the fact that all the difficult documentation processes, including the permits and licenses are already completed by us. The main resort is already operational and the access road already being cemented. More importantly, electricity is already available, which was not there when we first started the project. Likewise, there will be less costs and efforts to market it, since the place has already marketed itself and obtained that sustainable popularity due to regular media exposure. This will be enhanced if development will be massive and "simultaneous" because credibility will be brought to its highest.

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