Patented drivetrain technology, market valued at USD$25 billion looking for an angel

by Darren Finch
(Pearl River, NY, USA)

A CAD drawing of the 3 ball version

A CAD drawing of the 3 ball version

A CAD drawing of the 3 ball version Finished product

We have a new patented technology for the drivetrain in any vehicle, think automotive, mining, agriculture and industrial.

The drivetrain is the part that connects the engine/gearbox to the wheels/axle, the technology hasn't changed in 110 years making it the oldest part of any vehicle.

We have done the R&D, we have been granted patents in the US and Australia and now after visiting Ford and Chrysler have been told "You show me the reliability data and we can do something"

So I need funds to get these tested in a lab (there are lots here in the US) so I need to make a few different ones (1 for use in an axle, 1 to replace the CV joints in each wheel and one to use in the steering column)

By having this data I can go back to the car companies, tractor manufacturers, mining equipment manufacturers and give them this data to then trial the coupling.

So the market is currently at $25 billion annually and that's without Chinese manufacturers so the actual market is higher than that.

I have the team set up, missing a production engineer, all I need to do is to get an angel on board to fund the testing and demo stock and then we can start to get the product installed.

The exit will be a buyout, the 6 companies that sell the technology currently will either license or buy the company outright, but again the lab data is needed before they will open their check books. Once they see the data the bidding will then commence as they all sell the same product so none of them offer anything better than the others

We seek $500,000 to build test units, get the testing done, build evaluation units for the OEM, establish production facilities and build inventory (as needed) and more importantly advertise/promote the products

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