Patent for an invention related to a Credit Card device.

by Ozz Borges
(Los Angeles)

We all know that everyone possesses more than one credit or debit cards. What if we can reduce that amount to just one? The device I have invented but not produced is yet to be patented. Interested parties that would like to hear more about it will need to sign an NDA. Preferably people in the Los Angeles area. If you are not in the Los Angeles area: ID, business and 3 references verifications will be required. A face to face meeting eventually so be ready to travel.
I have an attorney team specialized in patenting and branding ready to rock and roll with this, and I'm willing to give 20% of the company for an investment to cover the patenting, trademarking (national and international) and production of the first device. Ideally we would sell or get acquired by a big multinational for a good amount. Think of turning $500k- $1MM into 1 billion or more.

Please do not ask about business plan or anything like that. Is an invention. The attorney team will take care of everything once the ball is rolling.

Feel free to contact me at:


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