Oxygen power plant

by Aleksandr Kostrytskyi
(Ukraine , Kyiv)

Ukraine is preparing a revolution in the field of clean energy!
A group of Ukrainian scientists completed the preparatory phase for the construction of a pilot power plant. The effectiveness of oxygen superior power solar power by 50 times. And most importantly, that the energy released is clean. Oxygen power plant is an aggregate of alternative energy capable of producing an absolutely pure thermal, mechanical or electrical energy, without any environmental pollution. For energy or electric power stations of any capacity developed on the basis of the above new technologies, it absolutely does not require fuel.
Consequently, such power plants can be arranged in any locality, in close proximity to residential or industrial buildings, to power what they are intended. This eliminates the need for expensive many kilometers of power lines, which, moreover, are easily subject to destruction under the internal and external negative impacts: energy overload lines, terrorist attacks, the devastating effects of natural character.
The widespread use of oxygen power plants would eliminate the hydrocarbon energy in all its scope. Also today any type of existing natural energy - wind, hydro, helium, etc. is not even close to be able to compete for power density and efficiency with oxygen energy.

Now we are looking for a financial partner for the project. Our proposal is to implement the joint action providing for the establishment of thermal experimental and demonstration of the oxygen reactor rated power of 300 kW / h, designed to generate heat.
The required investment amount – 1,7 million USD
Project implementation period to 18 months.
The investor's share in the project 25%.

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