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by Orhan

2014 Gold $1390 sell to $1150 hit picture

2014 Gold $1390 sell to $1150 hit picture

2014 Gold $1390 sell to $1150 hit picture Gold 2013 March - April most important days June 2016 Crude oil $51.50 sell and target hit $40.00 Gold buy positions $1135 and $1180

I’m Orhan, I’m Turkish and living Turkey now. I’m a computer teacher since 2007 and making financial analysts since 2009. I will setup my own financial investment company and use my analysis for take the good results. My analyze system is very profitable.

This business plan has been developed to present Orhan Invest to venture capitalist and private equity investors, and to assist in raising the $500,000 in capital needed to establish the company and to launch its first product: a hedge fund specialized in Global financial market.

Orhan Invest is an investment management startup company, created by experienced and successful analyzer Orhan. The global financial field is large and the alternative investments have shown its benefits and potential in development markets.

This fund will invest in global financial markets: fixed income, equity, and currency. Because one of the major variables to grow an investment management company is its performance, Orhan Invest is looking for $500,000 to launch the new fund and to start building a profitable track record.

Alternative investment is defined as any other investment which is not traditional (stocks, bonds, and cash). Among the alternative investments we can find: real state, ETF’s, currencies, hedge funds CFD contracts, Future markets contracts, private equity, venture capital, and commodities. These financial products offer special opportunities of return as well as moderate and high risk investments. For that reason, the expertise, knowledge, ethics, and professionalism of the investment managers are highly valuated for future investors. Therefore, Orhan Invest will supply this necessity by creating an excellent investment system. This system and the market opportunity constitute a unique competitive advantage which will help to achieve the success as well as a good local and international reputation.

However, despite the widely market, we plan to focus on: wealthy investors, The minimum account for Orhan Invest will be $100,000. Thus, especially because the market will be very selective.

Nevertheless, after the second year, when we think to have a tremendous growth, we plan to raise global investment firm on the world in order to expand our sales possibilities.

My analyze system was developed by me. This system is give very different and good results. Crude oil and ounces gold, I'm much interested in good investment.

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