Opportunity to invest in the first fully self sustaining renewable fuels project

by Andrew Mortensen
(Pocatello Idaho. USA)

The dependence of petroleum for nearly all of our transportation fuels fosters the importance and demand for renewable, biomass based transportation fuels. Biomass, the only current renewable source of liquid transportation fuel, has great potential to provide renewable energy. Crooked Creek LLC will be a first-of-a-kind integrated Biorefinery to produce transportation renewable fuels (renewable diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline), chemicals, and power from diverse forms of regional biomass, thereby also promoting local and regional economic development. The plant will be supplied by an anaerobic digester producing the gas and the electricity to operate all the processes. Our biomass and waste bio oil systems will be a hydrothermal liquefaction process and a pyrolysis process to create bio oil out of wet and dry biomass and MSW products. Renewable diesel is produced by hydro-processing organic oils and bio-oil. In producing our own natural gas, we free ourselves from having to purchase any petroleum product for power or heat. By supplying our own biogas, we can take advantage of the lower ‘Green House Gas’ emission fuels that demand a premium price. The plant will use bio-oil, waste cooking oils and animal fats with any type of free fatty acids (FFA).

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