Opportunity to be first round investor in fast growing mobile/web application

by Tim Page
(Shanghai, China)

Hi there!

We're a group of tech heads in Shanghai that has built a mobile and web application with the goal in mind to create China's largest talent pool of part time and casual workers.

With cities like Shanghai housing over 30 million people, there's over 10 million young workers between 16 and 26 years old, most not from Shanghai and seeking part time and casual work whilst they study and or seek better pay than their hometowns. We know this from experience and as a result created a mobile and web application that links workers to job positions via their smartphone.

Utilising the full technologies of today's smartphones our app offers the most robust features including full location based services (find jobs near you on a map), complete job postings from verified companies, job recommendations, upload your complete personal details, one button applying, and more. There's nothing like it at present in the marketplace!

We released our first version in the middle of this year and require funding between $250-500k to help us grow our development to stage 2.0 and begin marketing. Talk to us today for a full proposal at tim.page@live.com.au. We're self invested to date, so this is a chance to be a first round investor in creating the biggest talent pool for part time and casual workers in China. Look forward to hearing from you!

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