Online private passenger transit service operating from the Gold Coast, Australia

by Nigel Sibio
(Gold Coast, Australia)

Contractual providers assist in servicing customer base.

Contractual providers assist in servicing customer base.

Contractual providers assist in servicing customer base. Opportunities already exist and future markets are near in passenger transfers. Operating from the socially vibrant Gold Coast, Australia Targeted transit for private and business sectors.

Founder of Gold Coast Hired Cars: Nigel Sibio

If Transport is the Problem? Then systematically, the Solution would be Transportation! But on the Gold Coast, it has been found that gaining adequate, costs effective and reliable transport is merely part of the issue.

Gold Coast Hired Cars (GCHC) is an exciting new start-up company in the expanding transit industry. We hope to Differentiate and Define the Vision of Our Company as One that Started the New Transportation Evolution.

We seek to do this by offering a platform of real-time services that deliver customers an experience that is NOT found at present. This will be mostly in the software that we envisage and have started discussions for. The software requirements that we have earmarked for this project as in-depth and resolute, to ensure a seamless interaction between contractual providers and our customer base.

Adequate funding is also sought for mobile applications for both Ios and Android, with future developments in ByteLight consumer tracking and market penetration.

Please contact Nigel Sibio directly with your expressions of interest at to discuss this venture capital project further.

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